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The poor, neglected blog

You know a site has been left to die when the first time you realise it’s not even working, is when you get a notification from Google saying your very old AdSense account is going to be disabled as it hasn’t served an impression for however long.

Not remember why you even had said AdSense account is probably another hint that you’ve probably not been taking web-dev/blogging serious for a long while either. 10 years in fact, since the last time I posted here. What can I say, I’ve been busy! A lot has changed in a decade.

So, why hadn’t their been an impression, because the poor, neglected blog, something I originally cared for very much, had been half-hacked, Wordfence had kicked in, something had tried to update and then, it all just pretty much died, without me knowing. No access to WP Admin, nothing would load. It took a few hours (I had to remember FTP details for one!) but I finally got it back up and running, with all of the content here. It has, however, been de-indexed from most search engines (another reason for this post) and no longer ranks for terms I originally spent a long, long time trying to rank for, not just my name. Ohh well, worse things happen at sea I guess.

Anyways, adding a page to A. trigger a sitemap refresh and B. try out this new “block” editor WordPress has introduced.

Bloody hell, columns are now a default feature, no more having to add shortcodes and that jazz, which would invariable fuck everything up.

Seriously, they’re in here by default, how nice!

Anyways, let’s see if this helps it get back in the index again.

Robots.txt is case sensitive!

What are robots?

Robots, crawlers, spiders or agents are programs which are used to traverse the wobbly world wide web automatically, taking note on which content is where. Search engines use these programs to index content for their indices, spammers use them to scrape content for their own sites, or even to crawl the web for email addresses to spam you even more. Understanding of how search robots work is an intrinsic part of SEO!

What is robots.txt?

Robots.txt is a file which, when placed in the root of a publicly available webserver, tells search engine robots and agents which content they can and cannot/should and shouldn’t access. It can be used to block access to members’ only directories for example, or pages which nobody should really be finding through search engines, or, as I was trying to do earlier today, block search engines from indexing pages which are a part of your affiliate system or associated with an affiliate ID.

What is an affiliate system?

Many e-businesses run affiliate systems, which can be described as an semi-automated process by which the e-business takes referrals from partner websites, and remunerates them for any transactions that result from the referral. Having worked in the online gaming industry for over 10 years now, I’m quite familiar with many of them, as they an intricate part of just about every online gambling business model.

Most affiliate systems use standard html links which contain affiliate ID parameters in order to track referrals from their partner or affiliated sites. Anyone who clicks the link which contains the affiliate parameters will be associated with that affiliate’s account. If they go on to purchase something from the site, the affiliate will take their share of that revenue.

Search engine optimisation and brand protection

This is leading somewhere, I promise!

Many companies, when taking on an SEO consultant, agency or in-house employee, go straight for the proverbial jugular. They want to target the big, juicy keywords which will drive mountains of good, converting, valuable traffic. Because of this, they usually overlook the basics, ensuring you’re dominating the search results for your brand names. Imagine, if you will, the panic in the office this morning, when after no more than a few hours, I spot a discrepancy in our brand term search results: an affiliate tracked URL is ranking in second spot, taking a nice bounty per referral as well as a share of any future revenue from any clients that came through that link!

SEO, brand protection and affiliate URLs

Whoever was in here before me, had not taken the time to ensure that search engines, and especially Google (ye olde search dominator) were not allowed to index URLs tagged with affiliate IDs. Due to the high volume of traffic this affiliate was sending through his affiliate ID, that URL got indexed for our brand name, and is still ranking in second place. I immediately submitted a removal request, and asked for a change to the robots.txt to ensure that affiliate parameters were blocked from this point forward… the reply: “what robots.txt?”

Robots.txt to block affiliate IDs

Given the fact the content/web developer people here hadn’t implemented one, and the urgency required to get this resolved, I quickly typed up a robots.txt file for them to upload… ran it through the nicely-provided-by-Google testing utility:

Allowed by line 5: Disallow:

But what about line 6 you stupid test tool? The one that says:

Disallow: /?affid=*

No amount of fiddling would get it to work! I tried and tried and tried. And then I tested a second URL, one I typed up myself, and not copied and pasted:

Blocked by line 6: Disallow: /?affid=*

And that is when it struck me… affid and affId are two completely, and utterly different things according to robots.txt… why? Because ROBOTS.TXT IS BLOODY CASE SENSITIVE!

SEO in Blackburn

The “SEO Blackburn” article I put up received a fair amount of attention, so I thought I would actually put something productive up for those in and around the Blackburn area looking for Search Engine Optimisation services.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation can be defined as the manipulation of a website in order to increase its relevance towards a given keyword or set of keywords. However, as the online space evolves, more and more “social” elements can also have an effect on a website, its performance, and ultimately, its levels of traffic and conversions.

What can affect SEO?

Any online, and in many cases offline, promotional activity could have a positive, or indeed negative effect on a website. This includes:

  • Editorial – Online or offline
  • Advertorial – Online or offline
  • Other forms of press – Especially online
  • Social Networking Activity – Do your users, clients, staff, associates use social networks? This could impact your SEO perfomance
  • Blogging – As above

As I’ve mentioned before, if you’re looking for SEO in Blackburn, please leave a comment and I’m sure I can point you in the right direction!

SEO Blackburn

Blackburn – My Surname
SEO – Search Engine Optimisation, something I did as a consultant in mainland Europe, something I now do as a full time employee of the digital marketing arm a reasonably large marketing firm here in the UK.
Blackburn – Also the name of a reasonably large town in Lancashire, England.

Not having thought of this before, imagine my surprise to find that my blog has started ranking for “SEO Blackburn“.

So, as a concious blogger who knows that people finding my site whilst searching for a Blackburn SEO might not find what they’re looking for at this blog, please leave a message here and I’ll be sure to pass your information on to someone who would be able to help with any or all of your SEO requirements!