SEO in Blackburn

The “SEO Blackburn” article I put up received a fair amount of attention, so I thought I would actually put something productive up for those in and around the Blackburn area looking for Search Engine Optimisation services.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation can be defined as the manipulation of a website in order to increase its relevance towards a given keyword or set of keywords. However, as the online space evolves, more and more “social” elements can also have an effect on a website, its performance, and ultimately, its levels of traffic and conversions.

What can affect SEO?

Any online, and in many cases offline, promotional activity could have a positive, or indeed negative effect on a website. This includes:

  • Editorial – Online or offline
  • Advertorial – Online or offline
  • Other forms of press – Especially online
  • Social Networking Activity – Do your users, clients, staff, associates use social networks? This could impact your SEO perfomance
  • Blogging – As above

As I’ve mentioned before, if you’re looking for SEO in Blackburn, please leave a comment and I’m sure I can point you in the right direction!