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The poor, neglected blog

You know a site has been left to die when the first time you realise it’s not even working, is when you get a notification from Google saying your very old AdSense account is going to be disabled as it hasn’t served an impression for however long.

Not remember why you even had said AdSense account is probably another hint that you’ve probably not been taking web-dev/blogging serious for a long while either. 10 years in fact, since the last time I posted here. What can I say, I’ve been busy! A lot has changed in a decade.

So, why hadn’t their been an impression, because the poor, neglected blog, something I originally cared for very much, had been half-hacked, Wordfence had kicked in, something had tried to update and then, it all just pretty much died, without me knowing. No access to WP Admin, nothing would load. It took a few hours (I had to remember FTP details for one!) but I finally got it back up and running, with all of the content here. It has, however, been de-indexed from most search engines (another reason for this post) and no longer ranks for terms I originally spent a long, long time trying to rank for, not just my name. Ohh well, worse things happen at sea I guess.

Anyways, adding a page to A. trigger a sitemap refresh and B. try out this new “block” editor WordPress has introduced.

Bloody hell, columns are now a default feature, no more having to add shortcodes and that jazz, which would invariable fuck everything up.

Seriously, they’re in here by default, how nice!

Anyways, let’s see if this helps it get back in the index again.