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Google Instant – UnBlacklist

Google Instant was rolled out earlier this month, allowing users to see the search results for words as they are typing them. I won’t bore with the details, as if you haven’t seen it already, there are plenty of blog posts out there showing it off in great detail! There has also been a rush of talk about the dreaded “blacklist” that Google has applied to Instant, and how seemingly reasonable searches will not show up unless you complete the search word and click “Search” or hit Enter.

In light of the “naughty” filter (as it’s being referred to), 2600 (the hacker group) have begun compiling a list of words that have been blacklisted by Google Instant, fairly or not. At the end of said blacklist, is a list of words which are not blacklisted, even though they would do well to be, given the guidelines Google seems to be following at the moment. You can, for example, search unhindered for the phrase “how to commit suicide” without the big G sticking its beak in.

Hungry to know more, I quickly thought of a word, to see which list it would fit in… out of curiosity. Imagine my surprise, when searching for “clung” – as in: “the climber clung to the cliff-face for dear life after his safety line snapped leaving him dangling above a great big gorge” – I was given the following suggestion from Google, as well as a full Instant result:
Google Instant Search - Clung

Note the lightly shaded letter “e” urging me to complete the search.

I also found the third result for the full, dirty, uncensored search reasonably amusing!
Google Instant Search - Clunge

But you can’t search for “teen”!

Worst Captcha Ever

I’ve never been one to submit my blog to any directories, link directories, etc, as I’ve never felt like monetising it. It’s a site I run for fun and it goes through phases of being updated fairly regularly, to not at all and back again.
I recently, however, was reading a blog post about a number of blog directories, and decided to look through a couple of them. After browsing around Blogged for a while, I decided to sign up and see if the site would send any traffic this way. It was here that I encountered possibly the worst CAPTCHA I’ve ever personally come across:
Worst ever CAPTCHA image

Incidentally, what I put in was accepted, so I’m either very lucky, or the second part of the image is ignored!

Can you beat it?

Google Maps Fail

A search for a place to rest my head near to Exeter Airport (I had an early flight to catch yesterday) led me to perhaps the closest airport hotel, ever! Situated between the two runways at Exeter, this was going to be ultra, or even ├╝ber-convenient!

Alas, Google Maps had failed me, as a quick look at the postcode of said hotel, and indeed the image which showed no nearby buildings, quickly alerted my suspicions. The Trelawney Hotel is actually in Torquay:

Google Maps, well and truly, failed!

CRAP – Campaign for a Recognised April-fools Period

A bit of light humour in the lead up to April 1st. Malcolm Coles has launched CRAP to avoid some of those usual web-based issues we see on the dreaded April-fools’ Day.

As he puts it, those in the UK and Europe start seeing April-fools based jokes and posts, technically, a day earlier than we should, where as those in the US, once they feel safe after the midday cut off, are duped once more in the evening as those of us closer to Greenwich start pranking about!

CRAP – The Campaign for a Recognised April-fools Period calls for an internationally recognised, 24 hour period, spanning March 31st and April 1st.