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Latent Semantic Indexing

Latent semantic analysis, or latent semantic indexing as it is more popularly known now, was first patented in 1988 by a number of scientists, including Susan Dumais, a Principal Researcher in the Adaptive Systems & Interaction Group of Microsoft Research, and is defined as a method by which the relationships between a set of documents and the terms they contain are analysed by producing a set of concepts related to both the terms and the documents. This concept can be applied:
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Load Balancing – SEO

Question: Can using a load balancing system be detrimental to your SEO efforts?

I have recently noticed a lot of daily fluctuations in the SERPs for a reasonably competitive keyword that my client is targeting. One day it’ll go down 18 spots, then jump by 9, then again by 10, then down by 12, it’s all over the shop. Weirder still, we’ve not been changing much recently either, they just keep bouncing up and down. Then I spotted flagfox was showing a Dutch IP, which for a UK focussed site, isn’t great news.
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Adidas Hiding Content

The Adidas website was brought to my attention recently, as it has apparently won some design awards. A quick Ctrl+U to look through the code and I stumble across this comment:

<!– HTML Content for SEO –>

Under the comment are a few bits and pieces followed by a whole load of copy, held within tables that are hidden by CSS. Now, I’m all for usability/accessibility, but blatantly advertising the fact that the copy is included for SEO purposes is surely a no-no in anyone’s book?


Quadzilla posted this earlier on today, and to be honest, with my current situation, I’m contemplating the €5000 entrance.

He’s organising an SEO fest at Oktoberfest, with some of the biggest names in the SEO/Affiliate industries, with a number of jumbo parties thrown in as well.

Current situation I hear you say? Yes, I handed in my notice at bet365 as I have been offered a consultancy doing SEO/PPC, working from home, with a lot more flexibility, etc.

Fun times ahead, though I doubt SEOktoberfest 2008 will be on the cards as 5K is a LOT of money, even with a load of Bavarian beer thrown in.