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Chrome Facebook Bug

Well, I’ve been using Chrome as my primary browser for a week or so now (yes, I like to go the whole hog and dive right into things) and have only just come up against my first actual issue with the application, other than it occasionally crashes when I have too many of it’s apparent “independent” tabs open. (more on that) I will call it, the Chrome Facebook Bug, for lack of anything more original: I tried to tag someone in a facebook album, and nothing happens, no “Done Tagging” box, nothing, and if you try and click on the photo to tag the person, it simply pushes you onto the next photo. Anyways, I thought I’d share my error report with you all :) The Chrome Facebook Bug report PS. Seeing as we’re all talking about Chrome, I’ve made a Chrome category in which you can put all your posts… I don’t know why I gave up on SEO-ing this blog… perhaps, because it became too obsessive and not any fun any more :P 

More Google Chrome Musings

In this interview, the Mozilla Europe president states that he doesn’t think Google Chrome is competing with Firefox, rather it is competing with Internet Explorer, citing reasons of competing on search/advertising etc.

Just one question: Why do most Internet Explorer users use Internet Explorer? I’m tempted to set up a web survey, but I’m fairly sure the most popular reason will be “there’s an alternative? (confused look)”. Agree or no?

OK, so having established that, now I’d like to compare the demographic who will install, try and then continue to use Google Chrome with the demographic who know there are possible alternatives to IE and so use Firefox. Once again I’ll forego the web survey, but I think you’ll see a similarity in those two groups nonetheless.

Soooo. Taking these things into account, which browser do you think will lose more users to Chrome? At this point Firefox’s main defence is it’s massive and massively useful library of addons (even if Chrome comes complete with a cut-down replacement for my favourite FF addon, Firebug), but if Google adds a plugin capacity to Chrome, all bets are off.

Google Chrome – Promising, Needs Work

I read the comic, liked the idea. Downloading and installing was painless, and it looks good when it starts.

Unfortunately, you then have to try browsing some sites…

OK, so judging it badly because a plug-in doesn’t work so well (the flash video on the front page of this site stuffs it, for instance – YouTube takes ages, and throws up a “script unresponsive” type error), but try going to Google Maps. You’d think they’d make sure their own browser was the mutt’s nuts at displaying their own sites, but no. It’s slow and jerky, and nowhere near as good as Firefox. Not sure why though – my first guess would be Javascript performance, but that seems really fast on other sites – check this Javascript test from Quirksmode. It keeps freezing on random pages as well, for no particular reason that I can see.

Shame really – usually Google’s “beta” products are more polished than many a production release (witness Gmail – I swear they only leave the “beta” there for a laugh). Either this really is just an early beta, or ZDNet are right and they just want to give Microsoft and Mozilla a few ideas to chew on.

<edit> (03/09/2008) – Of course, having now tried it on several other PCs, and rebooted the one I originally tested it on, I can say that most of the problems I came across earlier were actually rubbish. It plays flash just fine, google maps is quick and smooth. </edit>

On the plus side, it does work well on most sites. Wikipedia is really quick, it passes the Acid2 test, more than you can say for IE, and does quite well on Acid3 (compared to many others). That’s probably down to Webkit more than Google though. The Chrome-specific task manager is useful when you find a site that crashes it, too – it just crashes a single tab rather than the whole browser.

Anyway, checkitout: