More Google Chrome Musings

In this interview, the Mozilla Europe president states that he doesn’t think Google Chrome is competing with Firefox, rather it is competing with Internet Explorer, citing reasons of competing on search/advertising etc.

Just one question: Why do most Internet Explorer users use Internet Explorer? I’m tempted to set up a web survey, but I’m fairly sure the most popular reason will be “there’s an alternative? (confused look)”. Agree or no?

OK, so having established that, now I’d like to compare the demographic who will install, try and then continue to use Google Chrome with the demographic who know there are possible alternatives to IE and so use Firefox. Once again I’ll forego the web survey, but I think you’ll see a similarity in those two groups nonetheless.

Soooo. Taking these things into account, which browser do you think will lose more users to Chrome? At this point Firefox’s main defence is it’s massive and massively useful library of addons (even if Chrome comes complete with a cut-down replacement for my favourite FF addon, Firebug), but if Google adds a plugin capacity to Chrome, all bets are off.