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Chrome Facebook Bug

Well, I’ve been using Chrome as my primary browser for a week or so now (yes, I like to go the whole hog and dive right into things) and have only just come up against my first actual issue with the application, other than it occasionally crashes when I have too many of it’s apparent “independent” tabs open. (more on that) I will call it, the Chrome Facebook Bug, for lack of anything more original: I tried to tag someone in a facebook album, and nothing happens, no “Done Tagging” box, nothing, and if you try and click on the photo to tag the person, it simply pushes you onto the next photo. Anyways, I thought I’d share my error report with you all :) The Chrome Facebook Bug report PS. Seeing as we’re all talking about Chrome, I’ve made a Chrome category in which you can put all your posts… I don’t know why I gave up on SEO-ing this blog… perhaps, because it became too obsessive and not any fun any more :P