Wimbledon Coverage 2009 – Search Engine Comparison

2009’s Wimbledon Championships at The All England Club are well underway and I quickly threw “wimbledon” into Google this afternoon to grab the latest scores. Yes, I am one of those people who uses Google as a navigation tool rather than a Search or “Discover” engine at times, and I knew that the single word query would take me straight to what I wanted!
The result Google threw back at me, was quite impressive, showing currently active/recently ended match scores for the Wimbledon Women’s Quarter Finals. Plain and simple (as is the norm with Google):

Google results for "Wimbledon"

This led me to want to compare the Wimbledon results with other search engines. Where Google pulled it’s data from Wimbledon.org, Yahoo! – due to its relationship with Eurosport – pulled their data from the Eurosport page on Yahoo.com:

Yahoo Wimbledon Results

A bit more detail, lots of rich links down the right (not overly relevant if you ask me). Also note a few no followed, supplemental links on the Wikipedia entry… And then there’s the “Discover Engine” Bing:

Bing Wimbledon Results

Today, I discovered that for up to date information on a big event like Wimbledon, the old boys are doing it best!