Who needs a paywall?

Paywalls have been the hot topic in UK journalism since last year, something that Malcolm Coles has covered in great detail since The Times decided to put their content behind one.

However, the local newspaper here in Gibraltar, the Gibraltar Chronicle – which just happens to be the second oldest, English language paper to have been printed continuously since it launched, in the world, launching in 1801 – have taken a slightly different tactic to ensure revenues. I used to see this once in a blue moon whilst catching up on the latest news from my home town, but now, it’s on every, single, piece of news: SEE MORE IN PRINTED EDITION

Image: Who Needs A Paywall?

Want to read the full article? Buy the paper (which, incidentally, is 50p and averages 20 pages or so!). Who needs a paywall? Not the Gibraltar Chronicle, apparently!