SEO Job in London

I’m looking for someone to fill an SEO job based in London. A bit of a background on the company:

  • Based in Canary Wharf
  • The world’s leading digital and direct media agency, with more than 650 professionals in 39 offices across 32 countries.
  • Part of the second largest communications group in the world
  • Fast growing, even in the current economic climate

A bit about the job, you should be proficient in:

  • On and offsite optimisation techniques
  • Coding in web languages
  • Analytical analysis and reporting
  • Development of proposals and presentation of such

The ideal candidate should also be proactive (I had to put that in, be thankful I didn’t include: “be a team player” or some other clich├ęd rubbish) and a team player (hahaha, I crack me up).

No, but seriously now, if you think you fit the bill, please leave a comment with your details and I’ll be in touch! There are plenty of perks in working here:

  • We have a bar on the 9th floor, that serves booze, no joke, every day from 5pm. And it’s subsidised. Not free, but cheap, a lot cheaper than anywhere else within the square mile!
  • The bar also serves proper coffee, all day, which is also cheap. Think at least half the price of a Costa or Starbucks, and it’s decent, non-instant stuff too (we all know SEO’s run on caffeine and alcohol)
  • The rest of the guys here are all awesome, search minded people, just like you and me, and it’s nothing short of BRILLIANT sharing an office with them
  • The Bolivian SEO guy buys you coffee and beer when he’s late for work, and that’s quite regular!
  • Did I mention the bar?
  • With the cheap beer?
  • And the free jukebox?
  • Which you can plug your ipod into?
  • And the free pool table?