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Betfred buys the Tote

It’s been all over the news last night and this morning, but, as someone who consults out of the Betfred offices in Gibraltar, their £265M purchase has just been confirmed to the staff.

Having worked on a number of projects here, I can testify to the way the Betfred online business is moving. Things are getting more streamlined and the online operation really is priority number one. Testament to that is the recent acquisition of Bucky Bingo and BOGOF Bingo to further boost the online offerings.

Betfred is said to be preparing to rebrand all Tote shops in the UK, but the online operations will need to be carefully worked out. Betfred runs on Finsoft’s Margin Maker, where as is well known to run on Orbis’ platform. The “merger” between these two platforms will NOT be pretty, never mind easy.

I look forward to watching it all unfold… here’s to Fred, his team and everyone who has worked on the project to date.