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New PC

I’m thinking about buying a new PC. The one I am using is more than 2 years old and is as slow and sluggish as… ok so I can’t think of anything slow enough to compare it to, but if I could it would be something like one of those old codgers you see down the local sleeze who smells bad and burps whenever a female walks past.

I thinking about a a £2k budget to include a new monitor, keyboard and mouse, Vista Premium (64).

I want it to handle the latest games and that is primarily what I’m aiming for. I have had a look at overclockers and this one came up http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=FS-098-OK which comes out at £1500 once you’ve got vista premium and the nice silver case.

What does everyone reckon? I need serious advice now and I can’t bare using this piece of s h one t any more! (Olivia’s learning new words).

I was reading about Intel’s new CPUs that have come out and quite like the sound of the Quad Extreme’s that look blistering, but is it overkill? am I really going to be needing 4 cores? I’m sure I read somewhere that 99% of games can’t take advantage of them anyway?

Help much appreciated chaps. I’ll even invite you all over to play with it when I eventually make up my mind.

P.S anyone tempted by the iphone 3g? I’m upgrading asap (02 actually have an upgrade plan for existing customers!)