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Cheap Oyster Travelcard

Cheap Oyster travelcards?” No, just one travelcard.

My current place of employment were nice enough to give me a company loan cheque to buy an annual Oyster travelcard, and then took a slice of the loan out of my salary every month, to pay it back, interest free. However, back in August, when I bought my annual Zones 1 and 2 travelcard, I was unaware that by the 5th of February, I would be relocating back to Gibraltar and the south of Spain, so now I have a good few hundred quid’s worth of soon to be useless Oyster travelcard in my wallet.

The remaining balance of the loan was £604, which, given there are 30 weeks left until it expires, works out at £20.13 for a weekly travelcard “equivalent”, compared to the standard £25.80. Would be happy to let it go for less than the balance as I’m just trying to recoup some of the money to put towards relocating.

Get in touch if you’d like it.