SEO Spam – Name & Shame

Today, I found the following in my comments queue:

Many firms charge top dollar in order to produceresults that their clients can be satisfied with. SEO is a very complicated practice of using key wordsrelated to a particular subject or topic that a business orindividual covers. These key words can be found embeddedinto the meta tags of the website. There are many packages available through SEO consultants and Internet Marketing specialists that can be tailor made to suit your requirements…..

Not only was it attempting to link back to use[dash]seo[dot]co[dot]uk but it was also placed on a completely irrelevant post, on the Remembrance Day 2009 Logos.

These jokers advertise “Guaranteed Ranking” with a small “TC Apply” caveat in a nice star shaped “web-two-point-oh-arific” button and list, amongst other items, “Reciprocal links” as one of their “Advanced Bundle” features, as well as “Customized Monthy (sic) Reports” as a “Premium Bundle” feature. You openly advertise that you won’t provide reports on your performance unless clients pay a premium fee? Allow me to refer back and repeat myself, bunch… of… jokers.