Replacing your Telefonica/Movistar Router

There are many reasons why you would want to replace the Telefonica – or Movistar as they’re now called – router you’re supplied. The lack of configurable options that come with the standard router software (although you can access the web GUI if you know the Telefonica router’s default password) is a good one, as well as the horrendously bad range that the ComTrend operates at.

If you’re going to change your router, you’re going to need the following bits of information:

Connection Type – PPPoE
VPI/VCI – 8/32
Encapsulation – LLC
Service Category – UBR
Telefonica ADSL Username – adslppp@telefonicanetpa
Telefonica ADSL Password – adslppp

And if you’re wondering what routers you can replace it with, there are a few good modem/routers available on Amazon, but I’d probably spend the money on something reliable like the WRT54GL by Linksys.

Why am I sharing this? Because I’ve swapped out the standard ComTrend router for a few people now, and I keep on forgetting, so in a way, this is just to help me remember :)