It lives!

Finally after many too-ing and fro-ing from Dabs and Natwest (who stopped my card because they were worried about all the online transactions I was making [raises eyebrow] ) I finally have a new computer!!!

Now it took me about 4 hours to put together, but unbelievably it started first time! I mean how often does that happen!? Vista installed in about 45mins and on the internet about 2 seconds after that (gotta love cable).

Now since then I have reinstalleed Vista 3 times and have bsod for the graphics driver, have upgraded the BIOS, had two different RAID settings on my two 500GB HDDs and have posted on half a dosen forums because the much touted Express Gate failed to show its Linux head.

On top of that I had to spend about an hour trying to upgrade my iphone today as after upgrading to firmware v2, you have to activate the phone again which means connecting to iTunes. Sadly Apple failed to count the number of phones they’d sold and take into account how many servers/bandwidth they had, so it was a brick for about an hour and a half this afternoon. Not impressed.