Is the aluminium Macbook really worth £210 more?

I’ve just had a look at the Macbook lineup.. It’s about 3 years since I had a new laptop and my current 1g macbook is starting to show its age.
This Macbook comparison highlights the differences between the Aluminium and the White model. Why is the Aluminium one £210 more?!

I’ve only listed differences here:

White – £719 Aluminium – £929
2GB RAM – DDR2 (@667MHz) 2GB RAM – DDR3 (@1066MHz)
Scrolling trackpad Multitouch Trackpad
Glossy screen Glossy screen +backlight & light sensor
Firewire 400 N/A
4.5 hours on battery 5 hours on battery

Is that really worth the extra? I’m pondering a non-Mac, just in case you wondered.