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Full Tilt Poker License Revoked

Following on from my post back in June when Full Tilt’s License had been suspended, it has just been announced that the Alderney Gambling Control Commission have revoked Full Tilt Poker’s license with immediate effect.

Here is the announcement from the AGCC in full:

AGCC Commissioners, sitting as a tribunal, have today revoked the licences of Vantage Limited, Filco Limited and Oxalic Limited, trading as Full Tilt Poker (FTP), with immediate effect.  This follows the earlier suspension of the licences on 29th June 2011.

At a hearing held in London over six days, it emerged that FTP had fundamentally misled AGCC about their operational integrity by continuously reporting as liquid funds balances that had been covertly seized or restrained by US authorities, or that were otherwise not actually available to the operator.  Serious breaches of AGCC regulations include false reporting, unauthorised provision of credit, and failure to report material events.

At the commencement of these proceedings on 26th July, AGCC made clear its preference to hold the hearing in public, to the benefit of players and media alike. However, the tribunal was persuaded that the hearing should be held in camera on the basis of claims by FTP that this would maximise the chance of a commercial rescue of the business for the benefit of players. For this reason an adjournment of 54 days was allowed.

It is important to note that the revocation of FTP’s licences does not, as has been suggested, prevent a reactivation of the business under new ownership and management. Unresolved claims by players against FTP become a matter for the police and civil authorities. Now that FTP’s licences have been revoked, AGCC no longer has jurisdiction over these companies.

The licence of Orinic Limited, a recently added geographic sub-division of the FTP poker room, remains suspended.
The determination notice containing the decision of the Commissioners and reasons for it is available at

What this means for the players who are still trying to extract their funds from FTP is as yet unknown, but it certainly isn’t looking good…


Full Tilt Poker License Suspended by AGCC

We all knew the ramifications of Black Friday were not yet over, and we were right. The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) took the decision earlier today to suspend Full Tilt Poker’s license following an investigation “during which grounds were found to indicate that these licensees and their business associates were operating contrary to Alderney legislation.” Big words.

What this means, for now, is that Full Tilt must not:

  1. Allow new customers to register with the site
  2. Accept deposits
  3. Allow existing customers to withdraw funds that are held in their account
  4. Permit customers to participate in any form of poker game play or gambling transaction.

Number 4 being the big one just now. managed to grab the below screenshot that was presented to poker clients trying to withdraw earlier today:

Full Tilt License Suspended - No Withdrawals Allowed

And it’s not going to change for the players any time soon, considering the press release continues on to say:

Due to the nature of the forthcoming judicial proceedings no further comment can be made at this time. The regulatory hearing will be held on Tuesday 26 July 2011 in London.

Will the Gambling Commission on the Isle of Man now take a deeper look at PokerStars following this? PokerStars are a pretty big employer on the Island, so I’m sure they’re already in deep conversations with the Gaming Commission to resolve any issues following Black Friday. It will certainly be interesting to see how that side develops!

Update: Isle of Man Gambling Commission Statement Released

This evening, the Gambling Supervision Commission on the Isle of Man released a statement confirming that PokerStars were operating within the boundaries of their license which:

remains unchanged following today’s statement from the Gambling Control Commission in Alderney.

More information can be found here:

Real Deal Poker – Free €10

I just got notice from Paul over at Real Deal Poker that as a special August Bank Holiday promotion, they’re offering a free €10 to any new players who sign up and deposit €10 of their own… nothing special, simple as that!
Many people are obviously a bit dubious about their real deal system, but if you compare it to the way an RNG works, this is truly the fairest way of playing online poker! Plus, by signing up through the link above, and I make no excuses or attempts to hide it, you earn me a few poker bucks too! Thanks :)

Real Deal Poker – News

pat hartnett at the WSOPReal Deal Poker, who I covered just after the trip to Prague, seem to be going from strength to strength at the moment, with a number of big sponsorships at the WSOP.

As the image shows, Pat Hartnett was seen promoting Real Deal Poker, wearing their patch on his shirt during the 2010 WSOP in Las Vegas, but this only came after (the aptly named) Evander “The Real Deal” Holyfield was also seen in Real Deal Poker’s colours, and has now partnered with the Isle of Man based poker provider who are offering a “Beat the Champ” promotion offering registered players the chance to play and “knock out” the 5 time World Heavyweight Champ!

The face to face match against Evander will be held in Leicester Square, London as part of the now infamous Poker in the Park but there are a few rounds of qualifiers to go through first.

Click through on the banner below for more information on the promotion before signing up to Real Deal Poker to be in for a chance of qualifying to play against the Champ himself!