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How to get the Facebook Timeline Profile Update

I registered my interest for the new Facebook Timeline profile a week or so ago but it hadn’t activated, so I had a search and found an article about how Facebook Developers using OpenGraph were being given access to Timeline already. So, here’s how to sign up to be a Facebook Developer (don’t worry, it’s just going through the motions) and get the new Timeline:

Become a Facebook Developer

Search for the Developer App on Facebook using your search bar:

Add Facebook Developer Appand accept the relevant permissions:

Allow Facebook Developer Permissions

Create an OpenGraph Enabled App

Don’t worry, you’re not going to publish the app or anything like that, we’re merely going through the motions so your Facebook profile is flagged as Developer. Click on Create New App within the Developer home page:

Create New Facebook Appand give it a name and namespace, anything will do:

Name New Facebook AppYou’ll be prompted with a CAPTCHA at this point, just fill it in and move on to the OpenGraph tab on the left hand side of the App page:

Enable OpenGraphNow, OpenGraph allows apps to use the notifications where “X is [action] a [thing]” – eg: “Andy is reading some news on Newspaper“. It does this by having certain words, etc, built into the app. Fill the main ones in here:

Enter OpenGraph descriptionsYou can simply click “Save Changes and Next” on the following two pages and “Save and Finish” the final page.

Enable Facebook Timeline

Now, go back to Facebook, click on your name at the top right to go to your profile and you’ll be presented with a notification for your new Facebook Timeline profile:

New Timeline Profile for FacebookAll done :)

Andy's Facebook Timeline Profile