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Digg Framing Sites

It has been FAR too long since I last posted on this blog, and to be honest, haven’t really had any inclination to do so in a long, long time. Today, however, something grabbed my attention and I needed a place to voice it as such. Perhaps this is the start of a new bout of blogging, perhaps not.

Digg have started putting frames around sites, following suit after Facebook and a number of other social networks did the same. Yet, there is a difference, where Facebook et al frame every link, it seems Digg are adhering to the Ts&Cs located at the target site. For example:

ABCNews article, framed

Telegraph article, framed

NYTimes article, redirected to site

If you get the NYTimes sponsored ad, it won’t actually redirect you, if you don’t, it will, to the actual page on NYTimes… This is all very interesting!