Telefonica Router – Comtrend CT-5365

Anyone in Spain who has an ADSL connection through Telefonica (and a slight amount of IT knowledge) will understand the frustrations caused by “Asistente De Configuración” the application to access your “Router Inalámbrico”.

This Telefonica specific application for configuring your Comtrend or Zyxel router is the only way of accessing the box, which can be frustrating as it is fairly limited. Those of you with a Zyxel can try a number of default username and password combinations (admin/1234, admin/admin, root/root) upon accessing your router’s IP through http and will usually find some success. Trying to access your Comtrend (mine’s a CT-5365) router’s IP address through http will prompt a login screen which none of the default passwords you’ll find online will work on.

It seems, however, that the password you set up through the configuration assistant is tied back into the Comtrend security, and after a moment of genius (read: luck) attempting the old password (1234) as a username, followed by the password you set through Asistente de Configuración (I’m not giving you mine) will let you in through in both your browser, and through SSH.

For those of you who have had enough of your telefonica router, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from buying a new one and configuring it. Something like a D-Link ADSL2/2+ would suit your needs perfectly, and will have better wireless connectivity to boot.

You will need to call Telefonica to get the settings for your connection on 900 502 010 and this must be from the telephone line your TelefonicaADSL runs on.

UPDATE I have now written a post on how to set up your replacement telefonica router.

  • Erikaleie

    Thank you for this article. I’ve Comtrend CT-5365 and spent a lot of time trying to access it.

  • Ran.

    just try username: 1234, password: 1234.
    It worked for me.

  • Joemamma

    username/password were both 1234 for me too

  • kentao

    i have ct-5365 from spain…my couz gave it to me…he doesnt know the user and password…the default wont work too…what will i do? help pls

  • Anonymous

    You can reset it with the button on the back. You will need the software CD from Telefonica to set it up though.

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  • Sp4mf33d
    list of all router default passwords – enjoy

  • Sahib

    Thanks lot dear..