Firewall Script

Security for your site on any form of shared hosting is ALWAYS going to be a pain in the padded behind. I mean, no host in their right mind will give you root access to the box, as you could easily bring down the whole thing, and that’s a number of customers that are going to be mightily pissed off.

Step up: Firewall Script. DaveN (a relatively reknowned SEO) first mentioned this a number of weeks ago, and it is slowly building up popularity. For just over £40, this PHP based firewall will plug into just about any php or mysql based site, giving you protection against the baddies of the world, including: xss and sql injection! Vbulletin, WordPress, InvisionPB, Mambo, SimpleMachines and Drupal are all covered, meaning you don’t have to worry about applying the latest updates, etc.

First Week

Well this week was my first week at my new job. Its gone rather fast (unsprisingly) but the good news is that I have already charged my first day to a customer and am booked solid for the next 4 weeks! The people are fun and the work’s going to be hard but rewarding and I’m being pushed out of my comfort zone which is awesome.

The commute’s a real killer though as the office is in Clapham, so it takes about 2.5-3hrs to get to or from work not to mention the SouthWest extonsionists they call a train company charging me £54 a day to do it! Fortunately, Lucia’s mum lives in Battersea, so I’m staying with her when I have to be in London and that is £3 and 20 minuts from the office by bus. The only downside of that is that I don’t get to see my girlies during the week and what with Olivia taking her first steps at the moment, I’m a bit down… Still, its only for a month or two.

After all sorts of depressing failures to sell our house, we’ve decided to rent it out and move up to Kent anyway, so if anyone knows anyone in Southampton who wants to rent an end of terrace 3 bed house in imaculate condition for 6-12 months at £1100/month, please let me know.

Noisy Neighbours

Everybody has noisy neighbours at some point. Some people shout loudly at each other. Others play techno till 5am.

For the last week or so, we’ve had a good one though. A 21-tonne Tyrannosaurus Volvo eating its way through the office complex next door. And it is quite noisy. Not to mention the fact that every time it munches through something particularly well bolted down, the block of flats starts shaking.

Still, it is kinda mesmerising… I keep finding myself staring at it as it happily tears a section of roof away, or pulls steel reinforcing rods out of concrete blocks like spaghetti from bolognese.

Now if only they could do it quietly…


I took a nice little video.

Just beyond 1m25s you see a large section of roof collapse. It took out the garden fences and one shed of the 3 houses behind…