Broke My Humerus

and no, it wasn’t very funny.

As some of you may or may not know, I broke my arm pretty much in half back on the 30th of March this year in a rugby accident. It’s been a long road to recovery and I recently got the news that the metalwork they had put in to stabilise the break back in June has failed, quite catastrophically.

In order to keep a record (as well as keep myself sane), I have decided to backdate everything that happened thus far on a seperate blog and I’m currently in the process of writing up the posts.

For now, I’ve got an appointment with the surgeon tomorrow to discuss what to do about the buggered metal in my arm and to formulate some plan of action. I leave you with a link: Never Fracture Your Humerus and a picture:
My broken humerus

Replacing your Telefonica/Movistar Router

There are many reasons why you would want to replace the Telefonica – or Movistar as they’re now called – router you’re supplied. The lack of configurable options that come with the standard router software (although you can access the web GUI if you know the Telefonica router’s default password) is a good one, as well as the horrendously bad range that the ComTrend operates at.

If you’re going to change your router, you’re going to need the following bits of information:

Connection Type – PPPoE
VPI/VCI – 8/32
Encapsulation – LLC
Service Category – UBR
Telefonica ADSL Username – adslppp@telefonicanetpa
Telefonica ADSL Password – adslppp

And if you’re wondering what routers you can replace it with, there are a few good modem/routers available on Amazon, but I’d probably spend the money on something reliable like the WRT54GL by Linksys.

Why am I sharing this? Because I’ve swapped out the standard ComTrend router for a few people now, and I keep on forgetting, so in a way, this is just to help me remember :)

The Google Webmaster Tools Flaw – Perhaps not so flawed after all…

The search community has been buzzing for the last 24 hours since James Breckenridge reported that anyone could submit a URL removal request for any site, regardless of whether they have access to the Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) account for that domain or not.

I don’t need to go over this in too many details as you can read about it on Dave Naylor’s Blog, where he performed a number of tests. The tests though, seem flawed. Dave managed to submit the removal request for, a site he does not have access to under GWT, but to date, it still hasn’t been removed:

BingoPlayUK SERP

Nor do I think it will be removed. The issue is, unless you have blocked access to the URL or site via robots.txt or a robots meta tag, or have removed the site or page thus serving a 404, Google won’t actually remove the URL. As Dave notes in his post, it warns you of this when you submit the removal request:

GWT Page Removal Warning

I’ll keep an eye on the SERP for BingoPlayUK, but doubt it is going to change without a physical change to the site.

As for James and his results… linkbait-a-licious given his site is brand new? I’m not one to judge but until someone else can verify his results, I’m on the fence.

Full Tilt Poker License Suspended by AGCC

We all knew the ramifications of Black Friday were not yet over, and we were right. The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) took the decision earlier today to suspend Full Tilt Poker’s license following an investigation “during which grounds were found to indicate that these licensees and their business associates were operating contrary to Alderney legislation.” Big words.

What this means, for now, is that Full Tilt must not:

  1. Allow new customers to register with the site
  2. Accept deposits
  3. Allow existing customers to withdraw funds that are held in their account
  4. Permit customers to participate in any form of poker game play or gambling transaction.

Number 4 being the big one just now. managed to grab the below screenshot that was presented to poker clients trying to withdraw earlier today:

Full Tilt License Suspended - No Withdrawals Allowed

And it’s not going to change for the players any time soon, considering the press release continues on to say:

Due to the nature of the forthcoming judicial proceedings no further comment can be made at this time. The regulatory hearing will be held on Tuesday 26 July 2011 in London.

Will the Gambling Commission on the Isle of Man now take a deeper look at PokerStars following this? PokerStars are a pretty big employer on the Island, so I’m sure they’re already in deep conversations with the Gaming Commission to resolve any issues following Black Friday. It will certainly be interesting to see how that side develops!

Update: Isle of Man Gambling Commission Statement Released

This evening, the Gambling Supervision Commission on the Isle of Man released a statement confirming that PokerStars were operating within the boundaries of their license which:

remains unchanged following today’s statement from the Gambling Control Commission in Alderney.

More information can be found here:

Betfred buys the Tote

It’s been all over the news last night and this morning, but, as someone who consults out of the Betfred offices in Gibraltar, their £265M purchase has just been confirmed to the staff.

Having worked on a number of projects here, I can testify to the way the Betfred online business is moving. Things are getting more streamlined and the online operation really is priority number one. Testament to that is the recent acquisition of Bucky Bingo and BOGOF Bingo to further boost the online offerings.

Betfred is said to be preparing to rebrand all Tote shops in the UK, but the online operations will need to be carefully worked out. Betfred runs on Finsoft’s Margin Maker, where as is well known to run on Orbis’ platform. The “merger” between these two platforms will NOT be pretty, never mind easy.

I look forward to watching it all unfold… here’s to Fred, his team and everyone who has worked on the project to date.